IFA 2018: Nubia’s Alpha is a Wearable Smartphone with a Curved Screen Flexible OLED Display

Nubia Alpha
Image: Nubia

In Berlin, Nubia unveiled what critics are calling “the most interesting prototype at IFA 2018,” its Alpha wearable smartphone with a curved OLED display. The production for the smartwatch is set to start in Q4 2018.

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With Alpha, Nubia is attempting to realize an enduring dream of smartwatch users – a watch with a display that wraps around the wrist. Although Alpha is still at the rough draft stage of development, the company is confident they will have it ready to go on sale in China this year. If all goes well, Nubia might start global distribution around the same time.

The Alpha is a proof that curved screen can actually work. The flexible display in Alpha is bright, colorful and easy to read. Nubia didn’t disclose the display size or the resolution.

You can use the phone to make and receive calls via the built-in 4G connectivity. It also takes pictures, tracks your fitness and pay for purchases, all with a simple tap. The camera can also be used to do video calls.

Nubia Alpha
Image: Nubia

Vlad Savov of the Verge laid it on his wrist at the IFA 2018. He writes:

“The surprising thing was that, as bulky as the Alpha looks, it’s really quite light and tolerable on the wrist. I believe fans of big watches will find this chunky beast attractive, while the rest of us should definitely be paying attention to the technological advancement it represents.”

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“The elongated OLED panel of the Alpha sits inside a metal watch strap and a plastic case with a selfie camera attached. Its software at IFA was only running a demo loop showing basic functions like exercise tracking, accepting phone calls, controlling music, and, amusingly, a Find My (other) Phone function. With Samsung teasing a foldable phone for later this year, Huawei diving into the same race, and now this Nubia prototype, our flexible-screen future is looking closer than ever,” he added.

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