Royole’s Ultra-Thin Flexible Display Shows Promise for Foldable Smartphones of the Future

Royole flexible display
Image: Royole

Royole Corp., an industry leader in advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, has showcased its fully flexible displays at the IFA 2018 consumer electronics show in Berlin. Royole is the only company in the world mass producing fully flexible displays. The company will exceed 50-million units per year at full capacity.

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Royole’s patented flexible displays are thin, lightweight, and bendable, creating unique functionality and new applications. The thickness of the whole display is less than one fifth the diameter of the human hair (0.01 mm). When it bends, its radius can be less than 1 mm, which is even thinner than a pen refill.

Flexible displays provide greater freedom for product design compared to traditional flat panel displays, and they also greatly improve user-experience. At the same time, the application of novel processing technologies (printing or roll-to-roll) to fabricate the flexible display can largely reduce the cost of production. Royole’s flexible displays and flexible sensors are ideal for numerous applications in a variety of product categories including smartphones, electronics, smart home products, robotics, sports and fashion.

At the IFA 2018, Royole highlighted the virtually limitless possibilities for flexible technologies, including first-of-its-kind integration of flexible displays in a top hat and jacket.

Royole has amassed a wide range of intellectual property rights and key technical experiences in processing, materials, devices, circuits, electronic systems and module development.

The company manufactures its flexible displays at its massive 1.1-million-square-foot quasi-G6 mass-production campus in Shenzhen, China, with a total investment of around $1.7B.

“While curved displays have been the talk of the tech world this summer, Royole has developed and is now mass producing the next generation of fully flexible displays,” said Dr. Bill Liu, Founder and CEO of Royole. “Our patented fully flexible displays are thin, lightweight, rollable, and feature high-resolution and high-color saturation providing stunning image clarity and quality. Our engineers are currently working with over 220 partners worldwide to change the way people interact with technology in their personal environments.”

Royole flexible display
Royole’s flexible display can be used on T-shirts and hats (Image: Royole)

The Future of Flexible Displays

Flexible screens will likely start to replace other screens in devices we already use, including not just smartphones, but PC monitors and laptops, allowing manufacturers to make models that are slightly more innovative or resilient, Ryan Martin, a principal analyst at ABI Research told Business Insider.

According to Martin, a flexible display “changes the realm of design as well as design thinking. You’re no longer confined to the four corners of a screen. You can make things more abstract.”

He continued: “Technology will fade into the background and adapt to us, rather than us adapt to it.”

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About Royole Corporation

Royole is a Fremont-CA, based Chinese company which manufactures flexible electronics. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012, Royole’s mission is to improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. Holding over 2000 IPs, the company provides IP licenses, services, mass production, and solutions for flexible electronics applications with its novel “Flexible+” platform. Last November, Royole was valued at US$3 billion after raising 500 million yuan (US$75.5 million) from Warmsun Holding Group.

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