Snapchat Launches New Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses that You Can Actually Wear

snapchat spectacles
Image: Snapchat

Snapchat has launched 2 models of Spectacles 2 camera sunglasses: Veronica and Nico. The glasses are stylish, convenient and wearable camera glasses that look like traditional sunglasses.

What makes the cameras different from others are that they’ve got polarized lenses, and they come with a nondescript, black semi-soft case.

You can record short videos with the glasses at eye level to share on the Snapchat social media. They shoot HD photos and videos in a circular format, but can also export in non-circular formats. The photos and videos are then automatically saved to your smartphone’s camera roll.

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The glasses can take up to 70 videos 70 videos or hundreds of photos on a single charge, before transferring them wirelessly to your phone. Veronica and Nico are also water-resistant, making it fun while capturing some action at the pool or at the beach.

While the names suggest that Veronica has been designed for women and Nico for men, in practice, both pairs of Snapchat Spectacles look pretty similar.

Snapchat veronica nico
Image: Snapchat

The new spectacles are great for show-offs who want to showcase the latest swanky party they’re at. However, the glasses could come in handy for criminals or perverts who enjoy invading the privacy of other people by capturing their private moments.

A light beams out of the Spectacles to indicate that there’s a camera recording video, but at a distance, it’s the beam is not noticeable, making the camera-equipped glasses a privacy nightmare.

Nevertheless, Veronica and Nico seem to be one of the few wearable devices, outside of fitness trackers and smartwatches, that have garnered some attractions, unlike the Google Glass.

This fall, Snapchat will introduce a new functionality for automatically turning your best Spectacles Snaps into a single Highlight Story to share with friends.

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You can buy Nico and Veronica from the snapchat Spectacle site for US$199.99. The original Spectacles V2 model is still available priced at US$149.99.

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