Wearable Technology for Women and Newborns, Family Planning and Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining optimal health throughout life. For women of childbearing age, good nutrition is important for preparing the body during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother’s health is very important for the baby’s development. Therefore, the mother needs to make sure she eats healthful food, stay fit and safe. There are wearable devices available to achieve all that easily. The following companies provide stunning health and wellness solutions for the pregnant mothers, newborns and family, and they are going to exhibit at our WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2018 MEDICA in Dusseldorf November 12-15. Please visit our exhibition and read on to learn more about these companies.

Cosinuss is a tech company based in Munich, Germany, pioneering in mobile vital signs monitoring. cosinuss aims to provide evidence based mHealth solutions for the most pressing health problems in families. Cosinuss offers two wearable devices: The cosinuss° One is an In-Ear Wearable that monitors your heart rate precisely. The degree° thermometer informs parents about their child´s core body temperature – non-invasive and painless. You can use this in-ear device while swimming as well. Cosinuss monitors your heart rate, measures acceleration data and increases your performance. degree° is a combination between a wearable in-ear thermometer and an assisting app, offering a better temperature treatment with temperature insights and treatment assistance. Apply degree° and settle in for a peaceful night’s sleep and undisturbed recovery together with your child. No more getting up every hour in the middle of the night to to do unpleasant measurements.

LifeSense presents Carin, a non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser integrated in your underwear. It tracks your training and ensures a stronger bladder after pregnancy. It’s a 100% natural way to strengthen your pelvic floor. Regain control over your bladder after childbirth, during exercise or other moments. Developed together with over 100 women, Carin helps you regain control over your bladder naturally. The exercises are fun! Do them anytime and anywhere you want! You can also keep a drink log and be notified about your training. The protective underwear is washable and environmentally friendly. The device comes with an exercise app (a personal trainer for your pelvic floor), a wearable sensor (shows you how well you’re performing) and a protective underwear (absorbing and washable underwear).

Raiing is a provider of wireless monitoring solutions for medical physiological parameters based on the mobile internet. Among its products are iThermometer, a smart thermometer for monitoring your baby’s body temperature and iFertracker, a smart fertility tracker for predicting ovulation. The iThermometer is a wearable thermometer with a mobile app, making it easier to manage children’s fever. When the temperature goes high, it sends an alarm to your mobile. The iFertacker is a world-class wearable thermometer that captures core temperature opposed to skin or environmental temperature. The device collects 20,000 data points in a single night, continuously monitoring your temperature as you sleep while their algorithm filters out any noise. The app syncs with the device via bluetooth, automatically charts your data, and provides you with a daily fertility snapshot right on the home screen. You’re provided with notifications for when you should try to conceive and even allow you to export your BBT chart from directly within the app. All you need to do is wear the device, sleep tight, sync wirelessly in the mornings, and repeat.

Based in Alsace, France, Fizimed is a start-up developing EMY, an innovative connected medical device to stop urinary incontinence for women through pelvic floor reeducation. The probe is connected to a mobile app and associated with custom exercises. It captures in real-time the contractions of the perineal muscles to allow the patient to do 5-minute exercises through fun and games, such as jumping obstacles etc. so that the patient remains motivated. Aside from its product, the Fizimed team is committed to the fight against taboos associated with urinary incontinence, which affects one in ten women. EMY by Fizimed is a connected and fun medical probe that helps women perform exercise to regain control of their perineum.

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