EyeControl – A Wearable Device that Gives Patients with Locked-In Syndrome the Ability to Communicate

Image: EyeControl

EyeControl is simply a wearable personal communication device that gives voice to the patients with locked-in syndrome.

Israeli healthtech company EyeFree Assisting Technology created the device, which consists of a head-mounted infrared camera that tracks the wearer’s eye movements and translates it into audio communication via a speaker.

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EyeControl is a standalone portable device that allows for immediate and around-the-clock communication.

Or Retzkin, CEO of EyeControl, said: “What makes the EyeControl unique is that it has the ability to provide the user with independently controlled communication. The EyeControl introduces a new reality of accessibility for locked-in individuals to communicate with their friends, family, and carers.”

“Individuals are now able to communicate immediately upon waking, while in the bathroom, indoors, outdoors and even while travelling – situations that alternative devices have not been able to accommodate.”

Audio feedback is delivered to the user via the bone conduction component before the communication is transmitted to the output speaker or connected Bluetooth device.

Image: EyeControl

Once the headset is placed correctly, the user can start to communicate immediately. EyeControl features Bluetooth wireless technology and works without a screen. It has been designed for 24/7 communication.

This lightweight device can be operated in a range of conditions. While in operation it doesn’t interfere with other nearby devices and can be easily turned on and off by the user. The user can sleep with the device and it will be available immediately upon waking.

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The user can communicate immediately upon waking, while in the bathroom and even in a car.

It also has an option to change gender and language of the audio menu and external voice. Talking to the EyeControl, users can teach it personalized syntax.

EyeControl provides its user more privacy. They have greater independence, control and can maintain more awareness of surrounding while still having the ability to communicate.

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