KOB Manufactures Medical Textiles for Smart Applications in Patient Monitoring and Therapy

KOB Smart textiles

Smart textiles are a great choice for making innovative and portable medical products. Their advantage is that close-to-body, textile-based solutions allow constant diagnosis and new forms of treatment. In order to produce smart devices, smart fibers, sensors and other electronic components must be integrated. Smart textiles must also be functional, reliable and comfortable for the patient. Only the combination of technology with the right textile achieves optimum results.

KOB (KARL OTTO BRAUN) is a pioneer in medical textiles. KOB will be exhibiting at our WT | Wearable Technologies Show MEDICA 2018. The company offers an extensive portfolio of medical textiles for direct use or for further processing into smart medical textiles. This results from KOB’s own fully integrated production, which comprises manufacturing of yarns from different materials and processing them into woven or knitted fabrics. Conductive yarns can also be processed, says a press release.

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Textiles can be coated and functionalized in KOB‘s own finishing division. Regardless of the type of smart textile-based application, KOB’ experience and expertise enable them to produce the right textile. KOB has decades of experience as well as up-to-date references from research and development projects. In addition, the company has a large network of specialized partners – from textile to microelectronics experts – to enable even larger co-development projects. KOB is in a journey to innovative mobile medical applications closest to human bodies!

KOB Smart textiles
Image: KOB

About KOB

KARL OTTO BRAUN GmbH & Co. KG operates worldwide with their three business units: Medical, Pharma and Pipe Solutions. The company is a leading international B2B supplier of special elastic textiles for medical and pharmaceutical companies. In the Pipe Solutions business division, KOB supplies its brands BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® to the construction and real estate sector.

Its primary business is producing medical and pharmaceutical products. For 115 years, KOB has been a development partner and manufacturer of elastic medical bandages and fabrics for leading brand suppliers worldwide.

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KOB products are used as bandages for supporting, fixing and compressing as well as carrier fabrics and first-aid dressings. They are used in sports medicine & orthopedics, phlebology & lymphology and in  Seite 2 von 2 wound care. The textile, elastic carrier fabrics are used as medical active ingredient patches for pharmaceutical applications.

The company employs 1,300 people at seven locations worldwide in development, sales, production and assembling. Textile production takes place in Wolfstein, Germany, and Coimbatore, India. The company has its headquarter in Wolfstein and is part of the HARTMANN GROUP in Heidenheim.

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