Nuheara Building Ecosystem for Hearables with its IQStream TV

Nuheara IQStream TV

At the Upcoming CES in January, Nuheara Ltd. will introduce a TV audio streamer for its IQbuds BOOST earbuds, the first accessory in what the company says will be an “ecosystem” for its hearables.

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IQstream TV™ is a game-changing hearing solution for both customers and their families. IQstream TV™, a hardware accessory device connected directly to the TV, also includes an inbuilt extension for the Nuheara app that collectively provide the user with the ability to balance the volume of the TV sound (independently from anyone else watching the TV) with ambient sounds and conversations – or choose just to hear the sound from the TV. Uniquely for Nuheara customers, they will no longer need to turn up the TV volume to a level that family, friends or neighbors may find inconvenient, reports Nuheara.

“The development of cutting-edge Nuheara accessories, such as IQstream TV™, marks a major milestone in Nuheara’s pursuit to be the leading company providing complete hearing ecosystem solutions that are focused on affordability and accessibility. Currently, this market is underserviced and overpriced. The continued advanced Research & Development, design and manufacture of forward-thinking new products such as these, consolidates Nuheara’s global leadership position in the delivery of smart hearing solutions,” said Justin Miller, CEO of Nuheara.

Nuheara IQStream TV

Nuheara’s multi-functional ecosystem of hearing buds, intelligent software and new hardware accessories have been built to service all major consumer hearing needs. According to a 2018 survey by Eurotrak, the top reasons people seek hearing assistance is for time spent at home with family, group conversations, noisy situations, when talking on the phone and while watching TV.

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A global leader in Intelligent Hearing, Nuheara has developed proprietary and multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a person’s hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices. Nuheara is based in Perth, Australia and has offices in San Francisco and New York, USA.

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