These Smart Patches Monitor Your Stress to Help You Lead a Happier, Healthier Life

Stress monitoring patches

Stress affects us all. Often times stress can come as a positive force, motivating you to do good in exams, and sometimes it can present itself in a negative manner, such as when you’re stuck in traffic. Whether positive or negative, prolonged stress can wear you down and affect your mental and even physical health. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to find a way to combat stress. With the popularity of wearable technology, many companies are trying to develop innovative wearables that may help you relieve stress. Here are 4 such patches:


Lief is a wearable patch developed by Lief Therapeutics. Lief measures your heart and breath to track your stress levels in real-time, using a clinically-proven biomarker of stress called heart rate variability (HRV). Your Lief coach uses simple conversation to share insights, reports, and actionable guidance based on your physiology, behaviors, and personal goals.


German startup corvolution has developed a sensor patch called Mesana to address issues within circulatory diagnostics and cardiovascular-prevention. The small sensor, which is worn discreetly on the chest, uses two electrodes to measure ECG and activates automatically once attached to the body. In addition, the sensor collects temperature, acceleration and air pressure data. The collected data is sent back to Mesana and analyzed in the company’s data center. The results provide a complete health overview with 16 different values which are categorized in these sections: Stress and Relaxation, Fitness and Activity, and Sleep and Risk. This comprehensive procedure enables health consultants and physicians to develop individual solutions and treatments to prevent stress and help patients optimize their goals in order to lead a healthier and happier life.

Stress monitoring patches
Image: Mesana

VivaLNK Vital Scout

VivaLnk’s Vital Scout is the only reusable, wearable patch for the continuous monitoring of stress and recovery levels. The patch is designed to be worn 24 hours a day over a period of 2 to 3 days at-a-time. It delivers a comprehensive picture of stress and recovery levels by analyzing the user’s heart rhythm throughout waking and sleeping hours. Unlike consumer-grade devices, Vital Scout is a wireless wearable patch that uses medical-grade ECG sensors to measure stress and recovery rates. The small patch can be worn comfortably under clothing, over multiple days on a single charge.

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Thync is a bioelectronics company developing pioneering treatments for autoimmune disorders and mental health. Their non-invasive, bioelectronic platform effectively targets autonomic nerve pathways important in a number of disease processes while providing superior safety relative to pharmaceutical interventions. Thync, which specializes in neurostimulation wearable devices, has launched the Thync Relax Pro. The Relax Pro – Thync’s second generation device — aims to relieve stress and “encourage restful sleep and relaxation.” It works by sticking to the back of your neck and delivering stress relief through “gentle nerve stimulation.”

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