Silentmode PowerMask with Immersive, High End Audio Enables You to Sleep Anywhere

Silentmode powermask
Image: Silentmode

Having trouble falling asleep? Not to worry, Silentmode is here. With Silentmode’s PowerMask with built-in audio, you’ll be able to sleep just about everywhere. The PowerMask helps you completely tune out the world, both visually and aurally by providing 100% blackout.

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You simply wrap the mask around your head. Audio speakers are built directly into the mask so you don’t have to put plugs into your ears.

The PowerMask promises to create a “personal, stress-free, private space” in even the most crowded of rooms, leveraging both passive noise cancellation and customizable frequency settings to help you relax, clear your mind, and, hopefully, catch some shut-eye, reports Digital Trends.

Select the “nap mode” you want to achieve from the companion app, and then put on the mask. Using proprietary nap training audio called Breathonics (a breath training course), the Silentmode helps you to sleep. When your desired nap length has lapsed, the mask claims to slowly wake you up, hopefully resulting in a new, refreshed you.

“Power-nappers can adjust the soundscapes for the optimal mood mode, from a deeper session during a 10-hour flight to a 20-minute switch-off for focus improvement,” said co-founder Jens H. Nielson. “The effects are immediate. A study we conducted found an average heart rate reduction of 19 percent in users who used Silentmode to relax in less than 5 minutes,” he claimed.

Silentmode powermask
Image: Silentmode

The mask is also a comfortable accessory. With formed eye placements that stimulate comfortable sleep and 360-degree grade-3 memory foam, the entire mask is made up of breathable bamboo cotton so you won’t have to worry about sweat forming all across your face.

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Can’t sleep during your flight or trying to de-stress after a long day’s work? Silentmode should be able to do something for you. And with its integrations with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, you can keep tabs on how your relaxation is affecting your day.

Here Are More Features

  • 100% Black-out banishes visual distractions
  • Passive noise isolation to turn down the noise of life
  • 360 comfort with grade 3 memory foam throughout
  • The first audio device you can comfortably lay on
  • Free nap training content – Breathonics

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