Five New Movesense Powered Wearables to be Showcased at CES 2019

CES 2019 Movesense

Five companies launching wearable devices powered by Movesense will exhibit in one place at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, held from January 8-11, 2019. The products rely on Movesense’s motion sensing technology and sensor platform to improve athletic training, avoid costly medical interventions in elderly patients, and manage stress for people in demanding occupations. These new devices will be on display at the Movesense-Suunto booth, #44537 at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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“This past year has shown that developers can achieve amazing things when we give them the tools they need,” said Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts at Movesense. “With Movesense, entrepreneurs get the tools they need to solve the problems they are passionate about – be it in sports, medicine, wellness, occupational safety, and more – at a fraction of the cost and time,”

The companies demonstrating their Movesense-powered products are:

Konect Sports

Konect Sports, a U.S.-based reaction, speed and agility training system, allows coaches and athletes to track and analyze data at an extremely granular level. The company has commercialized two products that rely on the Movesense platform in just under a year: Konect Speed Pro and the new Konect Speed Training.

Morph Wear

Morph Wear is a swimming analytics solution that improves swimming workouts and training efficiency by letting swimmers know when they are under or over performing based on metrics that measure intensity.

CES 2019 Movesense


W2ND (pronounced Second Wind), uses Movesense’s built-in non-medical ECG capabilities to calculate a real-time lactate threshold measurement. The sensor relies on research that shows how heart rate variability correlates to lactate thresholds. W2ND’s intuitive analytics platform can be used by elite athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone seeking to lose weight to improve endurance and overall fitness. is a Belgian digital health tech company that uses foot-worn Movesense sensors and a wrist band to study subtle changes in people’s data and detect signs of health and mobility issues in the elderly.


Overskudd is a Norwegian technology firm that develops solutions to enhance human performance. Their products include the Overskudd sensor (Movesense with Overskudd HRV library and firmware), Chester and Chester Jr. (Connectors for using Movesense with Electrodes) and the Overskudd Analysis Server (a cloud platform for performance analysis, enhancement and prediction).

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