Silentmode’s PowerMask Plays Immersive Music So that You Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Silentmode PowerMask

Today’s hectic lifestyle poses a challenge to our health. One of the major problems faced by many is being unable to get enough sleep. Science has proven that taking a correctly timed nap can change your life. It can help your body relax, build its natural coping mechanism to fight stress and boost your productivity. Napping shouldn’t be something that’s reserved for quiet Sundays. You should be able to take a nap any time and any where you wish. With that in mind, a startup called Silentmode has developed PowerMask – a smart headband that enables you to take a nap anywhere you wish.

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Circadian Rhythm

A circadian rhythm is a roughly 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria. Your Circadian Rhythm is ruled by an internal clock encoded in your genes. It runs on a 24-hour, light-dark cycle in sync with the sun. When you are jetlagged this is when your Circadian Rhythm is out of sync with the sun in your location.

Napping can help you find balance when you don’t get enough sleep. Even a 20-minute nap can help boost your energy and help you restore levels of tiredness.

By understanding both your rhythm and sleep patterns it’s possible to customize your naps to extract beneficial physical outcomes.

Silentmode PowerMask

The SILENTMODE™ PowerMask™ with music by Breathonics™ is the fastest way to reduce your heart rate and boost your mindset. Developed in collaboration with the World’s leading Breathwork and Sleep Science Coaches.

The PowerMask helps you completely tune out the world, both visually and aurally by providing 100% blackout.

When you put on the mask, select the ‘nap mode’ you want to achieve from the app. The Silentmode will help you sleep using the proprietary nap training audio called Breathonics (a breath training course). When your desired nap length has lapsed, the mask will slowly wake you up, making you feel refreshed.

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The mask is made up of breathable bamboo cotton, which prevents sweat from forming all across your face.

“Our job at Silentmode is to develop our Napinness algorithm in order to tell you when it’s the best time for you to take the perfect nap. We do this using a combination of data points from sleeping hours, wake up times and desired outcomes,” says Silentmode.

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