Tiasha Renganathan of Twinery by MAS Sees Slow Adoption, Lack of Standards as Obstacles for Smart Textiles

Tiasha Renganathan Twinery by MAS

Twinery-Innovations by MAS is the innovation arm of Sri Lankan company MAS Holdings, one of the largest apparel manufacturers in South Asia. Tiasha Renganathan, Head of wearable technology at Twinery, will be speaking about productization of wearables in consumer markets at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE in Munich on February 6th.

Tiasha believes sports and fitness; health and medical; and industrial are the major markets for smart textiles. However, she said there are challenges working with smart textiles.

“Slow adoption and the requirement of education and awareness as well as the lack of formal standards has at times proved challenging. However, we are working at MAS with key standard bodies to help develop these standards as one of the largest manufacturers of smart apparel in the world,” Tiasha Technical Textile in an interview.

Twinery brings together world-class scientists, designer, engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs to create and commercialize the textile technologies of tomorrow and bring them to market today. The company develops apparel and soft goods innovations that transform the human/textile interface, putting groundbreaking, life-improving technologies in wearable form.

Tiasha Renganathan Twinery by MAS
MAS Holdings is South Asia’s largest manufacturer of lingerie (Image: Twinery by MAS)

Twinery’s proprietary technologies, including Phoenix, Firefly, Dryvantage, Promptly and Impact protection, create exciting new possibilities for designers and makers of apparel and soft goods.

Tiasha told Technical Textile that their challenge is to develop products that are a first to the space. “Our future plans will revolutionize the way we train-take on the elements – recover and reduce injuries from sporting pursuits,” she said.

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Discussing the global market of smart textile, Tiasha said:

“While market size estimates vary, the global smart textile industry was estimated to be $544.7 million in 2015 that created the 4th industrial revolution for the textiles and fashion industry, projected to be worth over $100 billion by 2025. Whether this industry delivers on these projections will be driven by ecosystem investment, the ability to commercially scale solutions and solving core consumer challenges with user experience being the key.”

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