CES 2019: Nanit Introduces Breathing Wear, A Wearable that Tracks a Baby’s Breathing

The Nanit Plus camera sees everything happening in and around the crib, with stunning clarity. And with Breathing Wear, that same camera can monitor your baby's breathing motion, simply by reading the customized paterns on the fabric.

Nanit unveiled their latest product, the Nanit Breathing Wear at the CES 2019. This new product works seamlessly with their other existing product, the Nanit Crib Monitor, which is an overhead HD camera that tracks all movements of the baby by using advanced computer vision technology.

The monitor’s advanced sensors track each and every moment in the crib in high details, and send the captured information to the parents, this way the parents can better understand the activities, progress and sleeping patterns of their baby.

While other company’s products use electronic devices that are put on a baby to track breathing, Nanit’s new breathing wear technology do not use electronics and does the same by tracking the patterns that are printed on the wearable fabric worn by the baby. The fabric is designed in such a way that a Nanit Camera can track all movements of the baby wear just by using the colors, shapes, and inks used on the fabric.

The HD camera’s advanced sensors can capture different movements in the baby wear even at different angles.

“Nanit is the only monitoring solution that puts your baby’s sleep development in your hands,” said Nanit co-founder & CEO Dr. Assaf Glazer. “We are excited to introduce Breathing Wear at CES, as it helps provide parents with a complete picture of their baby’s night and gives them the confidence and assurance they need when they put their baby into the crib.”

The track the breathing parents will need to wrap a Nanit Breathing Band or Swaddle around their baby, Nanit’s advanced tracking algorithms and sensors will do all other complex work. Parents can track all activities by using the Nanit Mobile Application, in the state of an emergency like no breathing detected, the system is capable of sending real-time alerts to the parents.

Available in different colors, the wearable fabric is made of 100 percent cotton, parents can choose different sizes that fit the needs from a newborn to two-year-old baby. Available in the coming March, the breathing wear will be available in packs of single or three, the starting price will be around $25.

Those who already have a Nanit Camera will only need the breathing wear, while others will have to purchase the full bundle that will include the Monitoring Camera, Mounting System, Travel Stand, Band and Swaddle. This bundle will also include a one-year subscription to Nanit’s Insight service.

The complete Nanit system will cost around $379 at different retail outlets.

“Nanit is a team of Ph.D.’s who developed a system to help babies sleep more successfully. Moving beyond the camera, they can now have a comprehensive system help monitor the health and well-being. If future systems aren’t fully integrated like Nanit, they simply won’t exist,” said Mark Suster, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures and the first major investor in the company.

Erel Margalit, Chairman & Founder of JVP and Nanit’s newest investor added, “Nanit’s new development places the company at the forefront of the next global tech revolution: an ultimate device, which evaluates and gives indications on both the baby’s breathing patterns and the quality of their sleep.”

The CES 2019 show floor is peppered with new wearables across fitness, healthcare and more areas. The technology is maturing fast with mass market appeal.

In case CES is too overwhelming with its 4,500 exhibitors across 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space, the next wearables event is just a few weeks later. At the WT Wearable Technologies Conference Europe 2019 in Munich, you can connect with Christian Stammel in a much more focused setting. The conference and expo is the must-attended annual meeting for global professionals of the entire wearable ecosystem.

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