Moodbeam: The World’s First Wearable that Helps You Understand Your Mood

Moodbeam wearable
Image: Moodbeam

Moodbeam is a beautifully-designed wearable device that allows its wearer to log how they feel at the click of a button. Developed by UK-based startup, Moodbeam is designed to track a person’s emotional wellbeing.

App developer sauce worked in collaboration with the Moodbeam team and the Chinese manufacturer of their custom-designed hardware to develop a mobile platform for the device.

The simple device combines clever technology with the power of your own self-reflection. With each button press, your mood is logged alongside both sleep and activity.  Our simple app presents this information in a clear and understandable way providing a unique insight into the emotional wellbeing of the wearer.

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The software was built using React Native for simultaneous release across iOS and Android devices, thus reducing costs and development time for the client.

Moodbeam wearable
Image: Moodbeam

Moodbeam lets you see your highs and lows, explore patterns and trends throughout the day, week, month or year, add notes, compare sleep and activity against mood, set mood prompts, or choose to share your mood profile with those that matter, all in one place.

You can visualize your mood, or that of someone you care about, over a chosen period of time alongside sleep and activity data.

By gaining real insight through patterns and trends, Moodbeam brings better understanding of how you feel, helping you live a happier life.

One way to help understand why you feel a certain way is to know exactly when those feelings occur. Moodbeam lets you see the moments of each day and week when your feelings were strongest. The more you use your Moodbeam, the more you will learn.

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Choose to share how you are feeling privately with others to prompt meaningful conversation.

Available for both IOS and Android, the Moodbeam App is the perfect partner to visualise and understand more about your mood.

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