Philips SmartSleep Gets Three New Features at the CES 2019

Philips SmartSleep New features
Image: Philips

Sleep trackers only track your sleep; they don’t help you fall asleep when you need it badly. Philips Health decided to do something about the sleep problems many of us face, and came up with a smart headband called ‘SmartSleep.’ Once you wear it in bed, the headband plays white noise to help you fall asleep.

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At the recently concluded CES 2019, Philips added 3 new features to the SmartSleep: a new wearable called the Snoring Relief Band, an advanced coaching system to help users improve the quality of their sleep, and a system for better analyzing a person’s sleep, reports Gearbrain.

Snoring Relief Band

Sleeping on your back can cause you to snore. Philips Snoring relief band combines science-based technology with a small, discreet sensor to help encourage you to sleep on your side. Worn in a soft band around your chest, the band uses sensors to work out when you are moving from your front or side and onto your back, and prompts you to move to your side. The gentle vibrations don’t disrupt your sleep, and the intensity and vibration pattern automatically adjust to your snoring needs. The result: quieter nights for both you and your bed partner.

Philips SmartSleep New features
Image: Philips

SmartSleep Better Sleep

Next up from Philips at CES is the SmartSleep Better Sleep Program, which is claimed to “re-train sleep habits to help users fall asleep faster and stay asleep with sustainable results.”

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Adopting new sleep habits requires more than a quick fix. The SmartSleep Better sleep program offered by Philips provides you with a sleep-improvement schedule that retrains you to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night5. Using your smartphone and wearable device, the program starts with an evaluation of your sleep habits and environment, which will then create a customized and personalized program to help you understand your sleep challenges. The Philips SmartSleep Better sleep program tools are designed to keep you motivated during every step of the way and give you sustainable results.

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