Willow Adds New Features to its Breast Pump at CES 2019

Willow breast pump
Image: Willow

Everyone was talking about the Willow breast pump when it debuted at the CES in 2017. This convenient and unobtrusive breast pump is quiet and hands-free, and most importantly it fits inside your bra. The wearable pump works while you go about your day, collecting milk into a special spill-proof container.

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At this year’s CES, the company unveiled Willow 2.0, which is an updated and improved version of its first pump, reports CNBC.

The older version of the pump had some issues concerning its alignment and some users complained about suffering injuries because they couldn’t see what they were doing.

These issues have been fixed by Willow with the new version. The new version is transparent with a clear flange, allowing pumping moms to see how the pump aligns on their nipple and watch the milk flow. The new pump allows moms to use it without the need for an app.

Image: Willow

What’s New in the Version 2.0?

  • Allows moms to put it on faster
  • Proprietary technology makes it completely spill proof
  • Proprietary app feeds automatically in real-time telling moms to keep their volume and how they’re progressing.

Willow comes in a double kit – one for each side. It comes with 24 milk bags and a special introductory pre-order price of $499, which gives you an extra bonus of 48 milk bags.

What’s special about the Willow milk bags is that they have a one-way valve that lets milk go in but not come out. So, they’re totally spill-proof.

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“Moms work really hard to get their liquid gold, so they’re not going to leak or spill,” says Willow CEO Naomi Kelman.

They’re also fridge or freezer safe so you can throw them in the fridge or freezer. When you’re ready to use it, just snip off the top and you pour it into a bottle and feed it to the baby.

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