Pocket Sky Combats Jet Lag and Winter Blues by Letting You Carry the Sunshine with You

Pocket Sky
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Jet lag is a major issue for aircrews and frequent business travelers. At the same time sunlight affects your mood, sleep, well-being, or metabolism. Whenever winter casts you down, a dash of light will lift your spirits. Furthermore, according to studies published in the NASA archives, jet lag can reduce decision-making, communication and over-all performance by 30-70%.

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Austrian startup Active Wearables is introducing an innovative to wearable relieve winter blues, combat jet lag and boost your energy.

Dubbed Pocket Sky, the wearable device can be worn like a pair of glasses and emits blue light to emulate sunlight, supposedly suppressing the production of melatonin. The company claims that the technology can help with conditions that are based on limited sunlight, such as seasonal affective disorder, or issues with circadian rhythms, such as jetlag or shift work disorder.

When natural sunlight is unavailable due to season or lifestyle, it can be emulated in order to keep our bodies in sync with our environment. Pocket Sky is the smallest and lightest wearable ever made for doing just that. To be worn like a pair of glasses, it invites to savor the benefits of biologically active light in style. Being truly mobile, Pocket Sky allows you to stick to whatever routine you need to follow, for the best possible results.

Goodbye jet lag

With Pocket Sky you can get yourself going whenever you feel down or sluggish, regardless of your whereabouts or errands.

Wear it in the morning when you wake up and get yourself in shape for the day.

During the day, whenever you go through a slump, Pocket Sky will invigorate you in no time, or once or twice whenever your wakefulness is sagging, says the company.

Use Pocket Sky ahead of your shift and halfway through it to stave off sleepiness.

Imbibing blue light is an effective way of improving your cognitive and physical capacities. If you want to enhance your performance, concentration, or studying, Pocket Sky will give you a kick of stamina, better than coffee.

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Pocket Sky helps shift workers acclimate better to changing work schedules. Advance or delay your body clock for better sleep and for maximum performance at work.

Pocket sky is lightweight weighing just 12 grams. It incorporates wire-free charging and a two-week battery life.

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