SOLOS Smartglasses Collaborates with CTS to Provide Cutting-Edge Technology to Coaches and Athletes

SOLOS CTS partnership
Image: SOLOS

SOLOS Smartglasses and CTS are teaming up to provide CTS coaches, athletes, and training camp participants access to innovative, high-performance SOLOS Smart Glasses. Kopin Corporation, which owns the Solos wearable technology company, announced the news in a press release.

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The SOLOS Augmented Reality (AR) smartglasses provide athletes with critical in-workout performance data in its high-resolution heads-up display and integrated stereo speakers, allowing athletes to focus on the road or trail ahead, rather than looking down at their bike computer, GPS watch, or smart phone. Athletes can choose to display metrics such as heart rate, speed, power, pace, cadence, distance, and other ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible data. SOLOS’ latest app update also gives athletes the option to import TrainingPeaks structured workouts and be coached through the workout specifics with visual and audio cues, directly through the headset, said the press release.

Image: SOLOS

“We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with CTS, and look forward to working together with one of the most successful endurance sport coaching companies in the world,” said SOLOS General Director Ernesto Martinez. “Starting from our initial co-development with USA Cycling and Team USA athletes for the 2016 Rio Olympics, to our technology integration with TrainingPeaks, SOLOS remain committed to bringing the most advanced performance enhancing experience to the athletic community.”

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CTS Founder and CEO Chris Carmichael said this partnership will not only help athletes improve their training and push the boundaries of their performance, but it will also help athletes stay safe on the road. “Now with the integrated capability of having all the important real-time metrics and audio features in a heads-up solution, athletes can keep their eyes off their bike computer and focus on the road. This is game-changing technology that is going to have a large positive impact on athletes’ training and safety,” he said.

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