Kinduct and Orreco Join Hands to Develop Products for Elite Sports Teams

Kinduct Orreco collaboration
Image: Kinduct

Kinduct, the Nova Scotia-based athlete management system has partnered up with Irish sports tech company Orreco to develop products for elite sports teams and athletes.

“Kinduct strongly believes in partnerships that augment both company’s offerings and most importantly improve the experience for our athletes, teams and organizations that we serve,” said Kinduct CEO & Founder Travis McDonough. “The Kinduct-Orreco alliance is a perfect example of this and is without question an industry changing partnership that will help transform outcomes in the human performance market.”

Kinduct is a world leading data and analytics software provider. The company’s highly secure, cloud-based platform allows human performance, health and wellness organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to inform decisions, promote constant improvement and produce exceptional results. Kinduct’s software integrates with new and emerging technologies and data sources to help produce a more accurate picture of your organization’s current and future predicted state.

Orreco sports science
Image: Orreco

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Kinduct Technologies is dedicated to making people better. Their products are developed to address the information challenges of organizations who work with patients, athletes and clients. Their software solutions help organizations collect, organize, share and analyze data in one centralized platform, leading to informed decisions and powerful results.

Kinduct was part of an insightful panel discussion on the support of wearables for football players at last year´s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco. At this year´s edition, the NFLPA will outline opportunities to leverage wearables for data monetization, followed by an insightful panel discussion on the use of wearables and data analytics for protection, health and media in professional sports.

Register now and stay tuned for the full agenda release, there is much more to come!

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