Prevention is Better than Cure: GoLiveClip 2

GoLiveClip 2 Prevents Falls
Image: GoLiveClip

Gociety Solutions, A Dutch wearable maker, believes prevention is better than cure, so the company launched an updated version of its GoLiveClip. The new GoLiveClip 2 prevents falling incidents before they have a chance to happen. Now available with Apple smartphones, too. The device assists the seniors in living life all by themselves.

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The wearable device was selected by Google as one of the 20 best ideas worldwide in the aging category.

“Falling incidents, namely, do not come out of nowhere: they are preceded by a slow and barely perceptible process of increased infirmity: an increased asymmetry in gait, fluctuations in speed, a drop in activity. GoLiveClip picks such early signs of future falling incidents up and informs its user about them, offering videos with exercises developed especially for the purpose of decreasing the user’s fall risk again,” the company said.

If a falling accident were to happen, the clips sensors notice it straight away, with an impressive 97% reliability rate. In case of an incident, the wearable automatically sends out help requests – including GPS location – and sets up a two-way phone connection. (Informal) caregivers or 24h emergency service workers can then talk to users while help is on its way, offering guidance and reassurance.

A mobile phone
The GoLiveClip continuously measures your movements, so over time it gets to know you better and better (Image: GoLiveClip)

GoLiveClip works via a Bluetooth connection linked to a normal smartphone, enabling users to feel like integrated, unreduced parts of their communities – while at the same time taking effectively dealing with their infirmity.

The clip’s functionalities were initially developed in collaboration with two well-known scientific research institutes Fraunhofer & Roessingh research & development. The wearable device has been validated by independent research as an effective solution to the problem of falling incidents. Its fall detection was validated in 2015, its activity application in 2016, and its fall risk functionality in 2017.

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The GoLiveClip wearable can reduce the total number of incidents by 30%, enabling healthcare organizations and insurance companies save vast sums of money.

Gociety has won numerous awards, including the EU’s silver Economy award, which it won last year.

The new and improved GoLiveClip 2 is now available in combination with both Android and Apple smartphones, both for individuals and organizations.

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