Livongo Partners with Dexcom to Integrate Dexcom’s CGM System into their Platform

Livongo Dexcom CGM partnership
Image: Livongo

Livongo announced a data integration partnership with Dexcom. The partnership will enable Livongo members to sync data from their Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System with the Livongo applied health signals platform.

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The Dexcom G6 system accurately measures glucose levels just beneath the surface of the skin and sends data wirelessly every five minutes. The G6 includes a slim, water-resistant sensor that is discreet, easy to insert, and is FDA-cleared to make diabetes treatment decisions without confirmatory fingersticks or calibration. The system features customizable alarms and alerts to warn users of dangerous glucose levels, even while they are asleep, reports Livongo.

“Combining Dexcom’s leading Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology with Livongo’s Applied Health Signals platform will give our Members the next level of vital data insights they need to effectively manage their diabetes and all aspects of their health,” said Livongo Chief Executive Officer Zane Burke. “As Livongo consistently delivers an industry leading Member experience, clinical outcomes, and validated costs savings, we continue to gain momentum in partnering with other innovative organizations across the healthcare ecosystem that enhance our AI+AI engine and provide an even better experience for our Members. Our new partnership with Dexcom is a significant step in our journey to make it easier for our Members to stay healthy.”

Wearable glucose monitoring for diabetics
The Dexcom G6 system (Image: Dexcom)

This partnership will allow Livongo to aggregate data from the Dexcom G6, cross-reference with proprietary blood pressure and weight data from its connected devices, and then use advanced data science to interpret that data and offer Members personalized health insights, or Health Nudges, based on their comprehensive health profile. Joint Livongo and Dexcom Members will also have access to 24/7 support from Livongo’s certified health coaches.

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“Together, Dexcom and Livongo provide the opportunity for people with diabetes to easily access the leading technology and insights they need to stay healthy,” said Kevin Sayer, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dexcom. “Through a careful combination of clinical expertise, data science, and human coaching, the combined solution offers our users an even greater ability to understand themselves, their conditions, and what they need to get and stay healthy.”

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