Blueberry Smartglasses Reduce Your Stress By Helping You to Understand Your Mental Effort

Blueberry smartglasses
Image: Blueberry

When you understand your stress, it becomes easier to alleviate it. Blueberry smart glasses are designed to read your brain activity in real time to help you adapt to your mental effort. It does so by measuring and giving feedback based on your brain activity and heart rate.

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The glasses connect to the user’s smartphone. It then goes to work helping them to understand how they are performing from a mental standpoint. This allow wearers to see how strenuous a task might be from a mental perspective and help them to alleviate the effects by taking frequent breaks or switching between activities continuously, reports Philadelphia Examiner.

According to the company, the glasses are totally safe. Its headset combines brain sensing and electronic tinting to help you understand your mental effort and guide you to perform.

Blueberry utilizes the same type of technology designed to sense mental effort in medical professionals and fighter pilots in the field and translates it into everyday insight into productivity.

This wearable device constantly monitors your brain activity and heart rate. It then uses this information to translate them into how much mental effort you’re using for the task at hand.

A smartglass and 2 mobile phones
Image: Blueberry

“We designed Blueberry with the goal of helping people who struggle with mental effort in the workplace by creating a tool for better understanding how your mind activates during the day,” the company said.

When you need to relax to reach peak performance, Blueberry can help you with the right audio or video content-based suggestion.

To keep you aware of your cognitive performance, Blueberry provides real-time visual feedback nudges through electronic tinting.

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The glasses were designed by “experimenters who have brought wearable technology to market in North America and continue to explore the crossroads of science, technology, and accessibility.” Some of the team members previously worked together on miniature motion sensors. The team has worked on and delivered sensing devices to over 100,000 people as well as working on projects with Universal, IBM and Intel.

You can pre-order the glasses from Kickstarter for $173.42.

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