Interview with NeoRhythm: Next-gen brain stimulation headband to sleep better, relieve stress and boost your energy

NeoRhythm is a scientifically proven wellness device that helps people to achieve the desired state of mind like sleep, boost energy, focus, meditate or manage the pain. The start-up strongly believes in their power to change people´s lives for the better with breakthrough brain science and after a highly successful Indiegogo campaign they have joined the 12th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup® the in order to make their revolutionary innovation visible to the world. We wanted to learn more about this exciting wearable technology, its benefits and the science behind and interviewed the NeoRhythm team.

Please tell us a little bit more about your scientifically proven wellness device and the company behind.

NeoRhythm is the world’s most effective brain stimulation device for home use which enables you to sleep better, relieve stress, focus and much more. It’s a gesture-controlled headband, here to improve your life.

Hundreds of relevant scientific studies and publications have been reviewed and evaluated during our 3 years of research and development. NeoRhythm has been proven effective by 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies: relaxation and attention study (both researching Low Intensity Transcranial Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation). The research group was led by the leading European scientists in magnetic field by prof. dr. Igor Jerman. You can read more about these studies on our website, where you can also find additional research on the topic. We use PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) which is medical grade, non-invasive technology and all the frequencies and intensity are scientifically proven. So far, there is over 3.000 people worldwide using NeoRhythm and they are having a great experience.

How can NeoRhythm help people to sleep better, relieve stress and boost energy with electromagnetic field therapy? What other benefits come with the gesture-controlled headband?

You see, your brain has a unique ability to adjust its brainwaves to external stimuli (frequencies). This is why an upbeat song fills you with energy, a cheering crowd makes you perform better and NeoRhythm helps you sleep better, relieve stress and boost energy as well as manage pain and enhance mental capacity. It uses brainwave stimulation to influence cells and increase cell efficiency. The fact that this is a (first) gesture-controlled headband also means it’s easy to use and handle, it fits all head-size and another benefit – it does not use WiFi and even disabled people can use it.

How can NeoRhythm be more effective than rTMS devices? 

Firstly, NeoRhythm is built for different purposes than rTMS (brain stimulation therapies used to treat depression) are, although it uses the same technology. As opposed to rTMS, we can use it every day and there is no need to wait for clinical condition to appear. We all know it’s better to prevent it and NeoRhythm helps you do exactly that. It also provides brainwave entrainment, which rTMS devices don’t. There is also of course the price-performance ratio.

What is the science behind the FDA approved PEMF technology? 

PEMF technology has been used by doctors all around the world for decades and has long been FDA approved. It is used as a treatment for various medical conditions such as chronic pain, fractures and depression and has been shown as promising and safe to treat cancer in studies. It is a form of neurostimulation that encourages your brain to mimic external signals provided by the device in a non-invasive and entirely safe way. If you’ve ever felt yourself sleepy while on a train ride, the repetitive chug-a-chug of the wheels lulling you to sleep, there’s a neurological reason for that. The rhythm of the wheels matches a brain wave state that encourages relaxing and sleep. Our brains take a cue from the movements of the train and mirror the rhythm. The result is that your state of mind shifts into sleep mode.

What is the one thing you want people to know about NeoRhythm? What makes you stand out in the market? 

NeoRhythm was built with customers in our minds – always. From the way you use it, to the design of it, we have always thought about the user experience. We also dedicated a lot of time to the customer care and we also offer a 24/7 support. We try to understand each client, as we are all different. We also make sure we don’t make any promises we cannot keep and always respect our clients. We believe quality life comes to us with healthy habits and NeoRhythm is here to improve those.

What are the biggest challenges you were facing in your journey? 

That would probably be the fact, that some people were seeing NeoRhythm as a magical pill, or better a magical headband, which it isn’t. It really does help, but not when everything else is falling apart – if someone is having poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, is filled with stress and doesn’t take care of their mind, NeoRhythm cannot bring miracles. So, in order to get the best results, people have to take care of the basic health aspects and even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference. We try to offer our customers as much advice as we can on making their lives better, besides using our product. We also faced difficulties entering the market in different countries as a wellness device, as the laws are specific to each country and struggled with how to make NeoRhythm efficient for the majority. We also dedicated a lot of time to frequency optimization, design and size.

What are your next steps and goals for 2020? Where do you see NeoRhythm in three years?

We want to develop medical devices and other devices with high efficiency, that are based on PEMF technology so we can make PEMF available for all people – improving people’s lives is our mission after all. We have set a few goals we want to reach in the next 3 years – to optimize the frequency and include other technical solutions that would make our PEMF technology smarter are two of the most important for us. And of course, helping people improve their lives in the process.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the 12th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup®?

We believe in NeoRhythm’s power to change the world by changing people’s lives for the better first. This is why, in order to get a chance to make our revolutionary innovation visible to global population, we decided to join IWC. Thousands of contestants from over 80 countries have taken part and we are ready to join them and shake the future! Maybe take home the trophy? You never know, but the most important part is to bring NeoRhythm to the spotlight across the WT tech scene, so it can improve the lives of people worldwide and begin its global journey. It’s ready to do that by being proven effective and helping thousands of people worldwide already. So, stay in touch and get ready… NeoRhythm is ready to make a difference!

Last but not least! What is the coolest wearable device (besides your own) you have seen so far in 2020?

There are quite a few amazing ones out there, but there are two that really stand out: Platoscience and BP Doctor.

NeoRhythm has also been selected as Gadget of the Month in April. Stay tuned for the journey of NeoRhythm in the 12th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup®!

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