Temp Pal Allows Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients in Hospitals and in Self-Quarantine

Temp Pal for Covid 19 patients

Taiwanese healthcare company iWEECARE’s smart thermometer Temp Pal has been used to help fight COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced. The cloud-based continuous temperature monitoring system, which is being used in hospitals and self-quarantine, lowers the risk of infections by reducing physical contact between caregivers and patients, reports MobiHealthNews. The system is currently being used at some coronavirus hospitals in Taiwan and self-quarantine management in Nanjing City of China to reduce the number of infections and to alleviate burdens on caregivers.

The CE certified Temp Pal® is an innovative soft, wearable thermometer that continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sending temperature readings to a smartphone or tablet. Unlike the traditional methods, it is tiny and flexible, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.

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Temp Pal can help caregivers monitor real-time temperatures of hundreds of patients at nursing stations.

The Temp Pal Cloud Cluster System helps control the spread of coronavirus in two ways:

  • Using specialized BLE/Wi-Fi gateways, the system collects patients’ body temperature through Temp Pal smart patches attached onto their bodies.
  • It helps public health authorities monitor the temperature of thousands of people under quarantine remotely and give instructions when users are detected with abnormal temperatures.

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A smart thermometer sending data to a mobile phone

Benefits of Using Temp Pal

Tiny size and Lightweight.

Temp Pal is the world’s smallest smart thermometer. It’s slightly larger than a dollar coin and weighs only 3 grams.


Using medical-grade Composite TPE material and adopting 3M adhesive medical tape from the US. It is soft, skin-friendly breathable hypoallergenic, adaptable to body curve bonding the skin comfortably.


Provides accurate temperature measurements with the accuracy of +/- 0.05 ˚C.

Smart Wearable.

Using Temp Pal solution with cloud database services through Bluetooth and your mobile device connecting wirelessly, you can now access real-time temperature data and react on real-time alert. With One to One and many to many real-time temperatures data sharing makes monitoring easier for caregivers or family members.


Verified ISO 10993 biocompatible-proof, Temp Pal does not cause irritation, allergies and it is non-toxic. Medical grade stainless steel forming technology, waterproof and sweat-proof. Continuous use will not be hot to skin. It is safe and worry-free.

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