Orbita Launches AI-Powered Virtual Bedside Assistant To Improve Patient Care

OrbitaASSIST AI bedside assistant
Image: Orbita

Covid-19 is rewriting the expectations for virtual care. To ensure the safety of healthcare workers, many companies are offering telemedicine and Remote patient monitoring solutions. Even in modern hospitals, the primary alert system between a patient and nurse is a light and a bell. But this system fails to acknowledge or prioritize a patient’s needs, which leads to staffing inefficiency, extra stress on nurses and in some cases this can be the difference between life and death. To solve this problem, Boston-based healthtech firm Orbita has decided to put a nurse bedside 24/7.

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OrbitaASSIST is a voice-enabled, AI-driven bedside virtual health assistant. “Using the hands-free, self-service approach of OrbitaASSIST, patients can receive immediate responses to requests, confirm next steps, access educational information, get answers to FAQs, and more.  Clinicians can practice more fully at their top of license as AI-powered virtual assistance helps prioritize requests and facilitate aligned responses by various members of the caregiving team,” reports HITConsultant.

Virtual bedside assistant
Image: Orbita

How OrbitaASSIST Can Support Your COVID-19 Response

Unprecedented demands on the healthcare system call for new ways of delivering care to protect healthcare workers, reduce infection opportunities, and preserve personal protective equipment (PPE). OrbitaASSIST streamlines communication and automates delegation:

  • Eliminating unnecessary trips to the bedside
  • Enhancing patient and care team communication
  • Promoting top-of-license practice

Research has shown that after launch of OrbitaASSIST there was 70% reduction in median response time to calls for help. Among the nurses, 87% said they feel confident in responding to calls and 100% of patients said they’d prefer it for their future hospitalization.

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“This solution was designed to solve a very real challenge for in-facility care settings where patients struggle to communicate their needs with busy care staff,” said Nick White, Orbita’s Executive Vice President of Patient Care Solutions.” By giving the patient a ‘voice’ through conversational AI, the specific information in a request can be processed, prioritized, and routed to the right care team member in the right place at the right time.”

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