Vida Health Raises $25M to Meet Increasing Demand For Remote Healthcare Services Due To COVID-19

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Vida Health, a San Francisco, CA-based virtual healthcare platform, raised $25m in new funding. The funding round was led by Ally Bridge Group (ABG). Other investors were AME Cloud Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Canvas Ventures, NGP Capital, Webb Investment Network and Workday Ventures. Vida Health said the round will go toward meeting the increased demand for remote healthcare services as a result of COVID-19.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it obvious that continuous, comprehensive, virtual care, is playing a key, ever-increasing role in healthcare,” ABG Founder, CEO and CIO Frank Yu said in a statement. “With a robust holistic product platform, a provider network that encompasses the United States, and best-in-class outcomes in programs ranging from weight loss to diabetes to heart disease management, we believe that Vida Health is well-positioned to play a leading role in transforming healthcare.”

Vida’s virtual healthcare platform allows people suffering from chronic illnesses to connect with doctors, therapists, and coaches. Its health experts are well versed in a variety of subject matters related to physical and mental health including nutrition, fitness, diabetes, depression, and stress management, among others, reports BuiltInSF.

Vida Health Raises 25 million
Image: Vida Health

“While technology powers the Vida experience, we always lead with our coaches and the relationships they forge with our clients,” Stephanie Tilenius, co-founder and CEO of Vida Health, said in a statement.

Launched out of San Francisco in 2014, Vida Health is a virtual care platform designed from the ground up to treat multiple chronic health conditions simultaneously. The platform also has over 30 health trackers and integrates with over 100 apps and devices, including Fitbit and Apple Watch, giving coaches direct access to their users’ vital stats. With this data, they can develop and tailor plans as the data changes over time. Built-in messaging and chat functionality also allow them to communicate in real-time.

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“There are more than a dozen programs on the Vida Health platform. From weight loss to stress management, diabetes prevention and management, to hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and COPD management,” Tilenius told Steven Loeb of Vator.

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