How Companies Are Using Wearable Tech To Bring Employees Back To Work

Companies using wearables safe workplace
Estimote’s “Proof of Health” wearables provide monitoring of potential spread of the coronavirus from person-to-person at the level of a local workplace facility. (Image: Estimote)

While remote working has gained momentum, many companies are getting ready to bring their employees back to the workplace, and they’re utilizing wearable tech for the safe return of workers.

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Wearable technology shows promise in ensuring employees practice safe distance. In the last few weeks, wearable device makers have spun up new wearables to meet the growing demand for devices that can track employees and make sure they’re staying safe, reports TechHq.

Estimote, a Bluetooth location beacon startup, created a new range of wearable devices that allow a business owner to monitor their workers remotely and control the COVID-19 outbreak in their workplace. The devices, called “Proof of Health” wearables, aim to provide monitoring the potential spread of the coronavirus from person-to-person – at the level of a local workplace facility. It has a contact tracing dashboard and Bluetooth devices, which are worn by employees. The devices worn employees have buttons, LED indicators, and they come in waterproof and industrial-grade silicone casings.

VOS Systems – a joint venture of three leading U.S. technology companies: VOLT Wearable Tech, Ottogee and Scout IoT – launched an anonymous contact tracing solution for workplace safety. AlertTrace is a wearable that provides reliable daily monitoring to record close contact interactions through wearable Bluetooth technology, then uploads interaction data with end-to-end encryption for ensured privacy and anonymity.

A wearable device
VOS Systems’ AlertTrace can identify those with greater risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms while also providing insight for improvements in overall workplace safety. (Image: AlertTrace)

In April, Canadian safety technology company for industrial workers launched Halo, a wearable band that helps employees maintain social distancing at work. Halo notifies wearers that another band is within 6 feet (2 meters), reminding them of the need to maintain social distance.

Touchless Technology

Minimizing contact with ‘high-touch’ areas such as door handles, faucets, and elevator buttons is specifically required to ensure safe return to work.

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Salesforce partnered up with Siemens to develop a touch-free office environment that will support organizations worldwide for a safe return to work. In this partnership, Salesforce’s customer relations management (CRM) tool and Siemens’ workplace app and IoT solution work together and “orchestrate the processes, people and things that are essential to creating safe, connected workplaces for the future.”

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