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JUNE 2021

Nanoleq Heart Rate Monitoring Shirt, a Milestone in the Pursuit of Holistic Biosignal Monitoring Swiss based company Nanoleq has achieved what numerous couldn’t: Washable, stretchable,...

MAY 2021

The Smaller the Better The wearable technology sector is a burgeoning area and is consistently looking to develop more and more sophisticated functionality of devices...

APRIL 2021

Yoganotch smart yoga and wellness coach Yoganotch is a wearable yoga tech that provides live and personalized feedback for people who practice yoga by themselves....

MARCH 2021

Airvida – the smallest wearable air purifier able to reduce up to 96.31% virus within 1 min Stay healthy and keep the social distance is...

WT | Studio Talk: Holst Centre – Wearable Health Patch Platform

Have you thought about developing a smart patch? Were you overwhelmed with all obstacles around adhesives, design, production and testing which impaired to create your product? Have you looked for […]
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