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Sorrel drug delivery

Sorrel Medical Providing Simple and Easy Solution to Drug Delivery

Netanya, Israel-based medical device company Sorrel Medical develops and manufactures pre-filled wearable injectors for the easy and efficient self-administration of large volume and high...
Needle senses resistance

Researchers Develop Needle that Senses Resistance to Know Where It Is Going

Although there have been big advancements in medical tools, the syringe has remained pretty much the same. However, the precise implementation of this device depends on...
Microbots for drug delivery

Tiny Cell-sized Microbots Could Help in Drug Delivery

Scientists have created wireless bug-shaped microrobots using nanofabrication techniques that turns a 4-inch specialized silicon wafer into a million microscopic robots in just weeks....
Proteus digital cancer pill

Proteus Launches Smart Chemotherapy Pills to Improve Outcomes in Cancer Patients

Proteus Digital Health has launched a digital oncology treatment, which combines oral chemotherapy with its ingestible sensor, enabling oncologists to track treatment effectiveness and...
Drug releasing smart fabric

Wearable Medication: Smart Textiles to Release Therapeutic Drugs as Needed

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) are currently working on integrating therapeutic drugs into polymer fibers that can...
Wearable drug delivery

How Wearable Devices Are Changing the World of Drug Delivery

Wearable devices are changing the way drugs are delivered. The size of the market opportunity for Large Volume Wearable Injectors (LVIs) alone has been...