Kai – A Revolutionary Gesture-Based Workflow Automation Device Launches on Crowdfunding Site


The new buzzword in tech industry is gesture-control technology. Kai, a wearable that tracks your hand movements and let you control your devices with gestures, has launched in crowdfunding site Indiegogo. By offering $129 for early bird special, Vicara, the developer of Kai hopes to raise $100,000.

Kai is the Sanskrit word for hand. The device, which fits snugly in the palm of your hand, harnesses natural body language to help you navigate your desktop, browse the web, play games or flick through photos all with the wave of your hand or flick of your finger.

“Interaction with the digital environment has been restricted to a mouse and keyboard for over 60 years. With the rise of AR/VR as a new medium of interaction and the severe time constraints in the professional creative market space, the typical medium of interaction does not optimize the productivity of users. A gesture-based interaction device like the KAI can process the power of natural body language to interact with your digital world more intuitively than any product in the market today. We are super excited to share it with the Indiegogo community and have them help us nurture this unique technology,” explains Abhishek Satish, Co-Founder & Inventor at Vicara.

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The device is actually a sensor-based wearable that uses a 9 axis IMU (Invensense) and invisible light sensors to sense the movement of your hand and fingers.


The data is relayed via a Bluetooth module to our desktop app UI designed on Sketch 3 and Principle and developed on the ElectronJS framework, Java and Bootstrap.

You can use this patent-pending technology on multiple platforms by pairing it with the device using Bluetooth. It is compatible with Windows or Mac computers. You can also use it with VR Headset or your Drone. Kai comes with a developer SDK allowing developers to add support for Kai to any device that supports Bluetooth in the future.

Kai’s unique band like design fits snugly into your palm, reducing interference with your work. For example, you can use your mouse, type on your keyboard and even use a touchscreen device without Kai getting in your way. Use KAI while resting your hands on your armchair or your computer so that you don’t have to strain it for prolonged usage.

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The device can control virtually anything on your computer. Play/pause/skip your playlists, turn up the volume, adjust the screen brightness, etc. all with a simple flick of your wrist. The control center app in this device lets you pair any action on your computer with simple gestures. Moreover, by using Kai’s recorded macro feature you can you can record your keyboard and mouse actions and replicate it.

Kai can be used in virtual reality games. KAI works out of the box with Android VR games. Vicara is developing ways to connect KAI to your virtual reality headset through your computer in the near future.

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