iBeat Ships its Heart Watch to Pre-Order Customers, Also Available for Purchase

iBeat heart watch on sale

iBeat has announced the release and shipping of its iBeat Heart Watch. The company shipped the heart and blood flow monitoring smartwatch to 11,000+ pre-order customers and the watch is also available for purchase.

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“We’ve spent the past two years building a breakthrough product that is incomparable to anything on the market,” said Ryan Howard, founder and CEO of iBeat.

“Starting today, we are eliminating the stigma of, ‘Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,’ and are empowering people to age gracefully, while feeling fearless, exploring, and living longer. We truly believe this mission and product will disrupt the $6 billion-dollar personal emergency response system (PERS) industry and turn it on its head.”

Although the Heart Watch looks and functions just like any other watch, what sets it apart is its inside. The sensors inside the smartwatch measures heart rate, blood flow and other biometrics. The watch then analyzes these in real-time, using AI, to search for potentially harmful changes, such as heart rate or blood flow slowing or even stopping.

If something seems out of the ordinary, the watch will notify the user about it and ask if everything is okay. If the watch receives confirmation from the user or the user doesn’t respond, it will automatically connect to the iBeat’s 24-hour dispatch team who are ready to send immediate help including emergency medical services, friends, police, firefighters, or the family. The user can receive emergency or non-emergency help anytime by pressing the emergency button located in the watch.

Every 43 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a cardiac emergency, according to CDC. Because these emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, the iBeat Heart Watch has the potential to reduce delays in emergency response times, which could save lives.

iBeat heart watch on sale

The iBeat Heart Watch features:

User Dashboard. Displays the user’s overall heart health, location, activity levels, and any emergency-triggered incidents

Continuous Heart Rate and Blood Flow Monitoring. The watch looks for changes in real-time and alerts the user when there is potentially serious change

Dispatch and Notifications. The Heart Watch immediately notifies iBeat’s 24-hour dispatch team, the iBeat user’s emergency contacts, and if needed, 911

Emergency Help Button. User can use this button to get help from friends, family or emergency service.

Built-in GPS. During an emergency, it alerts emergency responders and designated contacts to the user’s exact location.

No Smartphone or Wi-Fi Needed. The watch’s built-in cellular functionality can send and receive calls without needing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Heart Hero Network. It is the largest and fastest growing lifesaving network that the Heart Watch can access. The network can make help available to anyone, anywhere

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iBeat is pursuing approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use of its Heart Watch as a medical device. The company has also partnered with two of the leading life insurers and reinsurers: Transamerica and SCOR Global Life.

The iBeat Heart Watch is currently for sale through iBeat’s website for $249, with monthly monitoring starting at $17.

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