Even H3 Wireless Hands-On Review: AI-Powered Stylish Headphones, but Have Their Quirks

Even H3

A number of new companies are now making AI enabled headphones that claim to adapt sound quality to fit each individual’s unique hearing using a basic hearing test.

Even’s H2 headphones are one such hearable with an “EarPrint”-enabled pair of on-ears that were the predecessor to the company’s new H3 model. EarPrint technology builds a custom sound profile as unique as your ears.

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Design and quality

With brushed metal accents and beautiful black/wood earcups, many may find the design alone to be a prime factor for choosing the H3, reports Digital Trends.

Like the H2, the new headphones have volume, play/pause, and equalization on/off buttons on the right earphone, with a 3.5 mm port also available on the bottom of the right side for wired listening.

The H3 have a plush and comfortable leather headband and earcups. The headphones even come with a nice hard case to protect them on the go. The sleek look and metallic finish of the H3 make them look like professional audio-engineering equipment, not everyday earbuds.

Your custom EarPrint profile is visualized as a circle on your smartphone, with lines stretching inward at various frequencies. It shows which frequencies you can hear very well, normally, or not well at all. Once you’ve gone through the process, you can switch your EarPrint on or off either with a button or the companion app.

Even H3

Sound and Performance

The Even H3 sound very much like the H2 model, first and foremost notable for their warm and dynamic midrange; to put it simply, the sound quality of these headphones is phenomenal.

You can’t complain about the usability of these headphones. They give you 20+ hours of battery life and a solid Bluetooth connection.

The Bad

The headphones tend to bleed noise pretty easily.

For some folks, wearing them for more than an hour may give headache. The padding also tends to get a bit hot, which may cause your face to sweat.

When connected via Bluetooth, the H3s will pause after every song is finished playing.

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For the $150 price tag, the Even H3 are an interesting pair of headphones; they sound good and offer enough compelling functionality. Overall, the H3 headphones are a great buy if you’re looking to spend less than 200 bucks.

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