J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal Earphones for Women

Jadore Adorn luxury headsets

J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal Earphones for Women

Seetal Fatania, founder of J’Adore Adorn is passionate about personal expression, therefore it is not surprising that in a world so heavily dominated by technology, she would understand the need for women to be able to express themselves through their communication tools. So, J’adore Adorn launched Swarovski Elements® crystal earphones, made especially for women.

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“Historically, technology and gadgets have predominantly been playground for men. Perhaps one of the biggest observations from women last year is the lack of aesthetic qualities. You know, women want more options, particularly more stylish designs, Fatania said. “So, in response to the growing demand of women wanting more technological products that not only look luxurious but, are also beautiful to wear, we creative an innovative necklace-style wireless headset.”

The wireless necklace, which doubles as a sparkling pendant necklace, is made of 18KT gold-coated beads and houses 3‐buttons that allow the wearer to control the phone. Connecting via Bluetooth, the ultra-lightweight earphones produce excellent sound quality and noise cancelling technology. Designed to be compatible with a range of devices including Apple and Android mobile phones, the device also has full control of Siri functionality, a wireless range of up to 10m and a charging time of 2 hours, reports FashNerd.

“One of the key features of our headsets is it looks like you’re wearing a stunning necklace or a piece of jewelry. Whilst also been able to have a hands-free experience,” Fatania said.

Jadore Adorn luxury headsets

J’dore Adorn pendant is exclusively designed in the UK and it comes in 9 different designs and several colors.

“The way we dress and accessorize is a reflection of who we are. It’s a way of giving reverence to the events that have shaped our lives and tells everyone that we are proud to be different. At J’adore Adorn, we celebrate this freedom of expression through our exclusive range of opulent essentials for modern living.  Each collection is designed around an expression, be it passion, beauty or rebellion and is created in admiration of women who want to showcase their individuality,” says Fatania.

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The fashionable headsets are available at London’s luxury department stores Harrods and Selfridges, you can also grab these for £189.00 at the company’s website: jadoreadorn.com.

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