Earin Finally Releases its Second-Generation Wireless Earbuds with Google Assistant

Earin wireless earbuds
Image: Earin

Earin, the company which was one of the first startups to ship wireless earbuds back in 2015, is back with its second-gen wireless earbuds called M2. One of the new features in M2 is the Google Assistant built in, which gets activated with a long press on either earbud.

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The earbuds are especially small and light, and Earin seemed to have addressed a number of the biggest headaches with its original earbuds, the M1, like the carrying and charging case.

Another great feature is that there are no dedicated right or left earbuds; pop them in your ears and you’re good to go. Once in your ears, the accelerometers in the earbuds figure out which is which, according to Earin.

These buds do not possess any type of fitness tracking feature. The battery life is reasonably good – around 3 hours.

Earin wireless earbuds
Incredibly small and lightweight M–2 are designed to go where-ever you go. (Image: Earin)

Unlike other wireless earbuds that are only equipped with Bluetooth, the Earin buds use built-in Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) to communicate with each other. This technology, typically used with hearing aids, prevents problems like signal delay, sound quality, and connection dropouts.

However, there’s a minor problem. The NFMI can be a bit tricky to work with, because it relies on the earbuds being very close to each other. As this technology is expensive, the earbuds are a bit expensive as well.

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Price and Availability

After first being unveiled back in CES 2017 the earbuds are now available for purchase in the US at $249. They are also available to buy in Japan and China, but it won’t be until the end of this year that the earbuds will go on sale in Europe. They come in 2 colors: Black and White (with more colors on the way).

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