Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator Blasts Past Funding Goal On Kickstarter

Feel Three VR motion simulator

Feel Three, a 3DOF virtual reality motion simulator blasted past its $65,000 (£50,000) funding goal within five hours of going live on Kickstarter.

Here’s How it Works

The simulator is built on a half sphere which sits in a base containing wheels and motors that move the user in three degrees of rotation: pitch, roll and yaw. Because the center of gravity is at the center of the sphere there is no lifting, and the simulator is very easy to move.

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During the game, vibration is added by tactile transducers in several places to increase immersion. With these small devices you can feel your engine revs, gunfire and other impacts and are placed by your feet, hands and back.

The orientation of the sphere is constantly updated by a tracker near the players head and it cancels the movement of the simulator from the players view.

“We need to track the platform and uses these readings to cancel the movement in your headset. Many motion simulators have a small range of pitch and roll so the user can simply keep looking forward despite the movement and chance of discomfort. This then means their view will float around in the car as they drive, which is fine for some people, not ok for others,” the company said on its Kickstarter page.

Feel Three VR motion simulator
Image: Feel Three

The simulator is big enough to accommodate children and adults. The company supports every type of controller and they can be quickly changed.

Users can attach their controllers to an easily removable plate the size of 220 x 280mm located at each armrest, and these can quickly be swapped between play sessions.

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  • Pitch & Roll. Experience the largest pitch & roll of any home simulator – a mind blowing 100 degree of pitch & roll
  • Yaw. Experience an amazing 3600 degree of rotation – that’s 5 full turns around the center axis and 10 back
  • Armrest. Armrests are independently adjustable for height, reach and angle, so you can achieve perfect comfort during long hours of gaming
  • Quick Swap Controllers. Change controllers in seconds with our quick swap plate
  • Safety. Rest easy with the knowledge that a strong metal rim prevents the chance of tipping
  • Foot Rest. Use your favorite flight or driving pedals for more control, the foot rest is adjustable up to 90 degrees and also allows you to invert car pedals
  • Wheel/Flight Yoke Shelf. A rotating center shelf lets you use any force feedback wheel or flight yoke whilst allowing easy access to the simulator.

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