Neurometrix Unveils Its Latest Innovation Quell 2.0: A Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Quell 2.0
Image: NeuroMetrix

NeuroMetrix, a medical device company focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the neurological complications of diabetes, will launch its latest breakthrough for the treatment of chronic pain, a wearable pain relief technology called Quell® 2.0 at PAINWeek 2018. The new Quell 2.0 device is smarter, more powerful and 50% smaller, and the Quell app has been totally redesigned to make it easier to use. Quell is drug-free and has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of chronic pain without a prescription.

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Chronic pain is one of the most complex conditions for care providers and patients to manage, costing the economy approximately $635 billion per year. An estimated 100 million Americans are living with some type of chronic pain. The rise of opioid epidemic is pushing them to search for drug-free treatment methods. A recent survey by NeuroMetrix revealed that 90 percent of individuals living with chronic pain are actively seeking new treatment options.

NeuMetrix’s Quell 2.0 features the following updates:

Smaller Size. The new compact design is 50 percent smaller than the original device. This FDA cleared device can be worn comfortably all day and at night while sleeping. You can run or play ball while wearing the device.

Improved Quell App. Based on user feedback, NeuroMetrix has updated the app with an all-new easy-to-use interface and intuitive design. Using the app, you can calibrate Quell to your precise needs, start and stop therapy, choose a variety of customization and automation features, and track therapy, sleep, activity and pain.

More Powerful. Quell 2.0 is smarter and 20 percent more powerful than the prior Quell device. It is the only pain relief device powered by a custom neurostimulation microchip. The device automatically adapts to changes in body position and can sense when you put the device on and automatically start therapy.

Quell 2.0
Image: NeuroMetrix

Shai N. Gozani, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of NeuroMetrix said he believes this technology can have a positive impact on chronic pain and they look forward to helping more people with their new and improved Quell 2.0. “Since first launching Quell in 2015, over 100,000 individuals living with chronic pain have experienced Quell’s patented neurotechnology. Feedback from our customers and new research has enabled us to create a more intelligent, powerful and compact device,” he said.

Consumers can now purchase the Quell 2.0 system at

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About NeuroMetrix

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, NeuroMetrix is an innovation driven healthcare company combining neurostimulation and digital medicine to address chronic health conditions including chronic pain, sleep disorders, and diabetes. The Company currently markets products for the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of diabetic neuropathies such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy and median neuropathy (carpal tunnel syndrome).

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