LEX Wearable Chair Lets You Sit Wherever You Want and Also Enhances Your Posture

Lex wearable chair

Imagine waiting for the bus and your legs are about to give out, you wish you could find a place to sit. Not to worry, wear this chair on you and take it everywhere you go! A new company called Astride Bionix just launched LEX, a relatively low-cost wearable chair that not only lets you sit, but also enhances your posture and comfort.

Correct posture is very important to our well-being. The device, which is like a pair of kickstands for your body, lets you relax anywhere with a perfect sitting posture and protect your shoulders while on the move by making the backpack feels almost weightless.

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The LEX is very light, weighing a little more than 1 kg, allowing it to be worn comfortably at all times. It can be turned into an ergonomic chair built to withstand up to 264 pounds of weight with just few steps. Once you sit on it you immediately feel relaxed as your back straighten and breathing becomes easier. The longer you use the LEX, the posture improvement will give you long-term physical benefits.

“Our goal in creating the LEX is to use our background in robotics and exoskeleton to enhance lives in new, exciting ways,” the company said in its Kickstarter page.

“We want to build an exoskeleton that looks and feel cool, can stand up to 120 Kilogram (264 lbs) of weight, yet lightweight enough to be easily worn all day and realistic to manufacture with today’s technology at an affordable price.”

Lex bionic chair allows you to rest anywhere you want with a posture that positively impacts your body. The company said they have done extensive research to let LEX automatically adjust your sitting posture.

Lex wearable chair
Image: lexbyastride.com

Prolonged use of backpacks can cause serious injuries or chronic pain. That’s why Astride Bionix created load-transfer module, another key feature of the LEX that shifts 50% of the backpack weight from the shoulders to the core of your body.

The LEX load-transfer module works by extending a flexible panel upwards to hold the weight of the backpack and transfer it to the LEX unit worn around the waist. This eases the load on the shoulder, making the backpack feel weightless.

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It’s very easy to wear LEX. There are only 3 straps that fit the LEX to your body like a backpack. It’s also very simple to deploy it to sitting position. The company’s patent-pending Swiftsit technology allows you to sit down with a natural position in just five seconds.

The LEX comes in 4 colors: Yaksa Red, Titan Black, Jovian Orange and Jotunn Blue. The price for Super Early Bird pledge is USD189.

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