The 5 Best Wearables for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Best sleep trackers
Image: Beddr

Over the past few years people have been obsessed with the magical powers of sleep. It makes sense too. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’re likely to have a bad mood and low energy. While 8 hours of sleep is recommended, those who get 8 hours of sleep aren’t getting enough deep sleep. And deep sleep is very important to your health as well.

Luckily, there are an abundance of wearables on the market designed to provide us with a better night’s sleep. I have gathered here 5 such wearables that will not only give you a good night’s sleep but also track your baby’s sleep.

  1. Sleep Tuner by Beddr

SleepTuner is an FDA-registered consumer wearable that can measure your sleep in hopes of improving your sleep quality. Developed Mountain View, Ca-based Beddr, SleepTuner integrates a compact sleep sensor with an iOS mobile app to provide personalized insights into your sleep quality and actionable recommendations on how to improve it. The device is worn on the forehead, and it tracks Oxygen level (SpO2), Stopped breathing events, Sleep position, Heart rate, and Sleep duration. SleepTuner is the smallest wearable that can reveal how your breathing and position impact your sleep quality.

  1. Go2Sleep

Go2Sleep is a unique wearable ring that promises to monitor a range of sleep data and detect sleep apnea with comparable accuracy to other sleep monitoring devices on the market. Launched by a new start-up called SleepOn, The Go2Sleep is a revolutionary device on monitoring and improving your sleep quality. It increases comfort while maintaining almost the same detecting accuracy of a pulse oximeter, but with a lot more key information. When worn around the finger like a ring, the device monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, perfusion index, and the amount of movement during sleep, all just by monitoring the blood flow via the capillaries in your finger.

  1. Raybaby

Raybaby is the world’s only AI-powered non-contact health & sleep monitor for babies. Created by RIoT Solutions, Raybaby tracks respiration and sleep pattern of your baby. This incredibly intelligent and reliable baby sleep and breathing monitor uses radar technology and artificial intelligence. The device alerts you when the baby has a higher respiratory rate which is associated with fever and other conditions. Raybaby also comes equipped with integrated infrared video camera which enables live video streaming even in pitch darkness, built in speakers, and audio monitoring that uses a highly sensitive microphone.

Best sleep trackers
Image: Raybaby
  1. SmartSleep by Philips

Philips’ new SmartSleep is the world’s first and only clinically-proven wearable solution for consumers to improve deep sleep quality for people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle, according to the company. Our body goes through different phases of sleep during a night: a phase in which we move our eyes very fast, the REM phase (rapid-eye movement), and a non-REM phase, which is subdivided into three different levels. This soft foam headband is meant to be worn to bed. Once you slip on the headset, 2 small built-in sensors connect to your forehead and behind your ears to monitor brain activity and using advanced algorithms accurately identifies your different sleep stages during the night.

  1. EverSleep

EverSleep helps you sleep better by monitoring your sleep, snoring and oxygen saturation. You wear this sleep tracker around your wrist at night, and it continuously monitors your blood oxygen, pulse, snoring, motion, and respiratory function. The device helps you understand what’s disrupting your sleep and how to fix it. It’ll also help you discover techniques, tips, and products specific to you. EverSleep gives hospital-grade measurements to you at home without doctors, clinics, or prescriptions.

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