CES 2019: Exosystems Will Showcase Gamified Physical Therapy

Exosystems physical therapy

Exosystems, a South Korea-based healthcare wearable maker will showcase its AI-based technology at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 8. The exoRehab device is meant to give patients a “Personalized Rehabilitation Guidance” during their neuromuscular rehab stint.

In most traditional rehab methods of rehab, exercises performed are rigid. exoRehab, on the other hand, provides personalized physical and electrical stimulation programs based on the user’s musculoskeletal data, inducing joy and resulting in the most effective and efficient rehab.

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One of the biggest complaints of patients undergoing muscular rehab is tedious exercises. exRehab set out to eliminate this by providing features that include portability, gamified exercise, and AI-based personalization.

The exoRehab system uses electrical stimulation through a gamified treatment program. For example, a knee injury patient would wear the exoRehab device and, with the help of their doctor, activate its Training software to receive neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), said a press release.

Exosystems physical therapy

Users can also perform rehab training exercises based on their own body data, all while monitoring the rehabilitation progress of their affected body part.

“Next step of exoRehab will be recognizing a patient’s movement patterns and inducing artificial body movements by using its finely-tuned stimulation tech based on pattern learning. This machine- learning based stimulation will improve muscles’ strength while relieving fatigue,” said the company.

At the CES 2019, the company’s demonstration will be at Eureka Park, Sands Level 1, Booth 52708.

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