NOWI’s Innovative Solution Brings Energy to Your Devices without Batteries

NOWI IOT Innovation World Cup

NOWI, the Dutch Semiconductor innovator won the category “Industrial”, for its work on energy harvesting technology, in the 2019 IoT Innovation World Cup at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

NOWI’s innovative technology enables companies to use the energy that is already readily available around the device. This can be light, heat, movement or even radio waves. There is energy all around us that can now be converted and used to power IoT devices.

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The company transformed its ‘low-power energy harvesting’ technology into a small chip (integrated circuit) that can be used in a wide range of IoT devices. The combination of the best energy harvesting performance and the world’s smallest PCB footprint makes NOWI PMIC suitable for devices as small as smartwatches or very small remote sensors, says a press release.


According to GSMA the leading telecommunications authority, the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach 25 billion devices by 2025, and as the IoT begins to mature, it has become clear that there are hundreds of millions of so called smart-devices as varied as smart city and wearables, that need to become ‘Plug & Forget’. With the NOWI PMIC this has now become possible for the first time.

NOWI was selected by a panel of executives from the partners STMicroelectronics, Gore, EBV Elektronik, Würth Elektronik, Gemalto, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery, Microtronics and Cicor.

With 15 years of successful competitions, the IOT Innovation World Cup® Series is the largest open innovation platform worldwide for IoT and tech solutions.

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In Delft, Netherlands, an international team comprising of experts from The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Spain, US, Mexico & Iran are working on advanced energy harvesting development. These experts have 35 years of research experience in energy harvesting and advanced power management designs. The first NOWI enabled devices, used within an upcoming Swiss watch will be available in Q2 of 2019.

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