More comfortable and sustainable wearable sensor patches for greater patient comfort

Current trends are moving the industry in the direction of ever-greater patch functionality, paired with improved comfort and ongoing miniaturization. This also requires smart patches to become more sustainable and long-lasting in use.

By providing innovative raw materials, Covestro helped co-develop wearable sensor patches together with accensors that are not only more comfortable, but also more sustainable.

The idea was to create a reusable, lightweight, flexible and more comfortable wearable patch for patients. At the same time, it should be a highly sophisticated medical device with greater functionality for easy monitoring and diagnoses processes. The result is a clever system featuring adhesives and foams made from Baymedix® raw materials as well as Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films.

The patch features two elements: The Disposable Patch, including  sensors  that  are  applied  to the  skin  with a  skin adhesive  and  used  only  once,  and  a  ReUse Patch,  which  houses  all  the  valuable electronics.

Special Platilon® films and foams made from Baymedix® are used to embed various monitoring sensors, a rechargeable battery and the transmission unit into the patch, enabling a high level of wearing comfort. With the accensors foil sensor technology it is possible to record a wide variety of vital signs, e.g. pulse, pH and temperature via the skin.

The ReUse Patch can also be used to measure environmental parameters such as movement, brightness and pressure. An inward-facing camera can be integrated and there are various options for wireless data transmission, such as Bluetooth LE, NFC, WiFi, etc. The repeated use of the ReUse Patch ensures effective resource conservation.

Skin-friendliness is heart and center of the wearable skin patch: The ideal skin adhesive guarantees both optimal adhesion combined with low trauma caused to the skin once removed by the patient.

First evaluation models have been produced. Their next step is to find a skin adhesive that guarantees perfect adhesion properties while being skin-friendly. The patch is supposed to withstand everyday activities and to allow to be removed and replaced gently and painlessly after a few days. A complete demonstrator of the smart patch is within reach. Look out for updates in the near future.

  • High comfort: The patch is lightweight, breathable and flexible, making it hardly noticeable on the skin.
  • Ease of use: It is easy to remove and insert the ReUse Patch from/into the Disposable Patch.
  • Freedom: Wireless monitoring technology means patients can live their life at home.
  • Flexibility: Medical personnel and patients benefit from remote patient control when it matters most.
  • Sustainable: The ReUse Patch with the electronics can be used for longer, saving resources.

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