Hapbee Launches New “Boost” Signal To Provide Users With Caffeine-Free Energy Boost

Hapbee boost signal for energy boost
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Hapbee, the leading wearable, wellness technology company and creator of the Hapbee headband, has announced the launch of their eighth and latest signal, “Boost,” which will provide users with a caffeine-free and calorie-free energy boost whenever they need it.

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A healthier alternative to typical afternoon pick-me-ups such as coffee or energy drinks, “Boost” promotes a gradual rise in physical energy levels to help users feel less drowsy and more alert, with a reduction in mental fatigue. Developed through Hapbee’s licensed, patented ability to record and broadcast the frequencies of various compounds, the Boost signal was partially derived from theobromine, a nootropic commonly used to help clear away brain fog, helping users stay focused while supporting attention and reaction time, the company said in a press release.

The company pre-released the Boost signal a few weeks ago to a select group of Hapbee “power users” to gauge early reaction prior to its broader release. “I have been an avid Hapbee user since the product first launched last year and can’t tell you how excited I am about Boost,” said Ben Greenfield, renowned biohacker, fitness guru and New York Times best-selling author. “I have been using Boost as a mid-day enhancer since it was first released and it’s making a big difference in my afternoon energy levels.”

“Through customer feedback and our market research, we identified a growing chorus of requests in the areas of alertness and attention,” said Hapbee CEO Yona Shtern. “Adding Boost to our expanding roster of signals helps users who are mentally exhausted to stay more alert and focused during their daytime activities. We anticipate that Boost will quickly become a favorite among Hapbee users.”

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Hapbee leverages patented, magnetic-field technology to help people choose how they feel. Ultra–low frequency electromagnetic signals are derived from compounds such as caffeine, nicotine and melatonin and are then played digitally through the Hapbee headband to deliver sensations such as Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax and Deep Sleep without the side-effects or dependencies that might otherwise result from ingesting the substances.

“This is a natural extension of the Hapbee signal library and one we see benefiting everyone from the office professional, to busy parents, to students studying, and even to athletes looking to charge up before a big performance,” explained Hapbee Chief Science Officer, Dr. Brian Mogen. “Providing an aid to the ongoing needs of users is our mission and always at the forefront of how we approach product development.”

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Hapbee originally launched with six signals and has added “Bedtime” and now “Boost” to their growing lineup in 2021 as they continue to expand their catalog. The Company is currently in the research and development phases of an extensive expansion of signal blends and time-released routines.

About Hapbee

Hapbee is a wearable magnetic field technology company that aims to help people choose how they feel. Powered by EMulate Therapeutics’ patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®) technology, Hapbee delivers low-power electromagnetic signals designed to produce sensations such as Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Boost and others.

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