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QUS Smart bra

QUS Sports Introduces Washable Smart Fitness Shirt and Bra

The rising popularity of smart clothes is prompting manufacturers to integrate innovative applications into smart clothes. One of the popular features of smart clothes...
Bellabeat time

Bellabeat’s Time is a Hybrid Smartwatch that Also Predicts Your Stress

Since its founding in 2014, Bellabeat has manufactured many innovative and stylish products for women that have been designed to track their overall health...
Puma Rs Computer shoe

Puma is Bringing Back its 80s Smart Shoe with Updated Technology

Bavarian shoe maker Puma believes step tracking should be done by something you wear on your feet, and not on your wrist. So, the...
Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring: A Stylish Fitness Tracker with New Security Updates

Finding the right fitness tracker might be tricky. It all boils down to how much you expect from your fitness tracker. If you’re a...
Level Smartglasses

These Fashionable Glasses are Actually Smart glasses that Track Your Health

VSP Global, the largest vision healthcare company in the world, with over 88 million members, has developed Level™ smart glasses, featuring activity-tracking technology seamlessly...
Breathe to lose weight

This Wearable Helps You Lose Weight by Analyzing Your Breath

With a vape pen-like look, Lumen, a small wearable device helps you lose weight by analyzing your breath. Lumen is your very own nutritionist...