True Wearables Now Shipping Oxxiom – World’s First Wireless, Continuous, Disposable Pulse Oximeter

Oxxiom pulse oximeter
Image: True Wearables

True Wearables, Inc., a medical device start-up based in Orange County, CA, has started shipping its product Oxxiom, the world’s first wireless, continuous, fully disposable, single-use pulse oximeter. The pulse oximeter, which can be used in Sports and Aviation, will be available for $34.95 with immediate delivery.

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Fitness and Wellness enthusiasts can use Oxxiom to boost performance, expand limits, and aim higher.

Oxxiom measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI). The innovative design by True Wearables is a combination of electronics and biosensing technology of a clinical grade pulse oximeter in an easy-to-use, small, and totally wireless device that offers over 24 hours of continuous monitoring. Weighing just 0.12 ounces (3.5 grams), the device is completely disposable, which removes the need for sterilization and significantly reduces the risks of cross contamination.

Oxxiom’s proprietary technology allows users to exercise, sleep in any position, wash their hands, use the restroom, or take a shower while connected to the device, offering total mobility in a range of 33 feet. The device works with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Oxxiom does not require external batteries or battery chargers and its operation is not affected by nail polish or ambient light.

Pulse oximetry technology provides physicians an indication of the patient’s cardiorespiratory status via non-invasive monitoring of the patient’s arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI). The wide usage of this technology is in procedures that require anesthesia or sedation, and during sleep monitoring studies. Pulse oximeters are also used to monitor heart attack, heart failure, anemia, COPD, and apnea.

Oxxiom pulse oximeter
By rotating the iOS device, and pressing on each parameter, trends are displayed (Image: True Wearables)

The device can benefit athletes and aviators by enabling them to have immediate and continuous access to their Oxygen levels and heart rate.

“You can only control what you can measure. There is a high demand for wireless, single-use, and disposable solutions, and Oxxiom delivers that at an affordable price,” said Marcelo Lamego, CEO of True Wearables.

Oxxiom pulse oximetry can be a viable alternative to the pulse oximeters currently available in the market.

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Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation is available for immediate delivery at or

The required Oxxiom App for iOS devices can be downloaded at the App Store for $1.99. The User Guide with technical specifications is available at the company’s website. It should be noted that Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation is not a medical device.

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