Cellnovo Offering Refillable Insulin Cartridges, Expands Potential User Base

Cellnovo refillable insulin

Cellnovo, a Paris-based medical technology company, announced its insulin cartridges are now refillable, allowing people with diabetes with higher insulin requirements, including some with type 2 diabetes, to use the Cellnovo System. The Cellnovo system is composed of an insulin micro-pump communicating via Bluetooth with a locked-down Android smartphone.

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Until now, patients using the Cellnovo System with daily insulin dose needs over 50 units were required to use more than one cartridge every 3 days, leading to higher costs and potentially limiting its use to only patients with higher insulin needs. These patients will now be able to refill the cartridge within three days of use and enjoy the benefits of a miniaturized system, without any additional costs, reports Busuness Wire.

“Enabling patients to refill their insulin cartridges allows us to offer the Cellnovo System to 100% of people with type 1 diabetes, and to some of people with type 2 diabetes. All current Cellnovo System users will have immediate access to these cartridges. This will contribute to the continuing commercial growth of the Company,” said Sophie Baratte, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo.

Insulin delivery system

Cellnovo Group is a global medical technology company supporting the needs of people with type 1 diabetes. Cellnovo’s connected platform for diabetes management aims to make life easier for people with type 1 diabetes. Cellnovo’s insulin delivery system comprises a discreet, wearable micro-pump that communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy with a locked-down Android smartphone. This unique system allows optimal management of insulin dosing and delivery while ensuring freedom of movement and peace of mind. Thanks to the transmission of data in real time, the patient’s status can be seamlessly monitored by family members and healthcare professionals.

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Cellnovo is currently participating in several major Artificial Pancreas projects with TypeZero, PEPPER and Diabeloop, to develop fully automated, closed-loop insulin delivery systems.

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