Ascom Integrates Oxitone 1000M Pulse Oximetry Into Its Digistat Wearables For Monitoring COVID-19 Patients

Ascom integrates oxitone pulse oximetry
Image: Oxitone

Ascom UMS, an Italian telecommunication solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT, announced that it has selected Oxitone Medical, creator of the wrist-sensor pulse oximetry monitor, as a wearable solution for continuous remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients. Oxitone 1000M, the industry’s first FDA-cleared and CE-certified wrist medical monitor, has been integrated into Ascom’s Digistat® Wearables remote surveillance system to enhance remote care.

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Ascom’s clients, who have decided to rely on cutting-edge digital technology rather than manually updating their computerized health records, are implementing the Digistat® Wearables solution with the Oxitone 1000M device for remote continuous monitoring of the health of COVID-19 patients who do not need hospitalization. This easy-to-use solution contributes to reliably and safely identification of decompensating patients, including those who have so-called “silent hypoxia,” while optimizing the workflow of healthcare professionals, says a press release.

“Integration of the Oxitone 1000M into the Digistat® Wearables solution,” said Francesco Deventi, Director of Sales of Ascom UMS, “will enable us to significantly enrich the information collected from patients and to optimize the process of measuring, recording and sending vital signs that contribute to increasing patient’s safety.”

A person holding a wearable device
Image: Ascom

Pulse Oximetry (SpO2 and pulse rate) is an important monitoring tool to identify impending respiratory failure events. Modern pulse oximeters are exploiting different body sites such as the fingertip, forehead or earlobe. All those are bulky and uncomfortable. Specifically, ambulatory COPD patients use so called fingertip spot-check monitors for random and episodic measurements. Oxitone’s flagman device Oxitone 1000M makes all the difference thanks to cutting-edge sensors technology. It has all sensors placed in a watch-like device on the wrist ulnar bone and gives readings every second, providing easy and comfortable continuous and prolonged measurements.

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“We’re proud that Ascom UMS has entrusted us to enhance their COVID-19 patient monitoring solution in Italy,” said Ofer Harpak, CTO and Chairman of Oxitone Medical. “This collaboration validates the value of our game-changing wearable medical solution. This is a major step in our continued strategic expansion into Europe.”

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